By leveraging decades of investment and business experience, Mercury brings a disciplined, analytical, and action-oriented approach to every investment. The firm relies on a combination of operational expertise and market research to properly assess risks and opportunities from the ground up. That experience allows the firm and its partners to maximize value.

Investment Transactions
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Investment Types

Mercury has partnered with dozens of different groups — entrepreneurs, institutional clients, and family offices — on strategic investments in the real estate industry and business world. Mercury values each of its partners and never takes its position for granted.

Real Estate Investments

Mercury and its advisors have deep experience in all aspects of real estate — finance, acquisition, development, management, brokerage, leasing, disposition, and marketing.

Mercury’s experience includes everything from managing corporate real estate portfolios to the hands-on development of every type of project imaginable: office, retail, industrial, flex, residential (single family, condominiums, and multi-family) and hospitality. Today, it uses that expertise to develop buildings from the ground up, provide value-add development to already built and existing properties, and offer a wide range of other real estate services.

Business Investments

Mercury seeks to help businesses take the next step forward. That includes enabling emerging and entrepreneurial businesses to grow, facilitating generational transitions in employee-owned companies, leading management buyouts and recapitalizations, expanding franchise and licensing opportunities, and enabling companies to become or remain independent. It also provides fund management and advisory services.

The common thread in all Mercury investments is an unwavering focus on helping its partners achieve their goals. With an emphasis on your success, Mercury works with you to develop strategies that add value and capitalize on growth potential.

Investment Approach

The strength of Mercury lies in its ability to properly assess investment opportunities. It takes a strategic and disciplined approach to every investment, conducting extensive research and due diligence to assess the risk and potential return of each opportunity. It limits the number of investments it takes on at a given time and tailors its role to provide the right mix of financial support and strategic advice that is necessary for each project to succeed.

Philosophically, Mercury has a “no meddling” mantra. It prefers to serve as a minority investor and believes that owners and operators should have the authority and autonomy to lead the business with the support of its partners.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

— Warren Buffett